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The Benefits Of Being Stubborn

The benefits of being stubborn | Joanne Becker | Be Stubborn | Coaching | small business, creative coaching, resources, content creator

Stubborn people can be pretty inspirational. This is not commonly acknowledged, but many who are a bit stubborn demonstrate determination, problem-solving, optimism and perseverance. Observing these traits in stubborn people might help individuals to broaden the parameters of what they perceive to be possible for themselves.

Contrary to some opinions, being stubborn does not have to mean that we are completely rigid in our ways; it just means we know what we want and where we stand. It makes us less likely to settle for less than we desire and deserve.

After all, we only have one life, and being stubborn helps us to make the most out of it. If we’re stubborn about pursuing the things that are most important to us, we'll be able to look back on our lives with pride. Nobody else can do this for us, so we must choose ourselves.

FOUR Benefits of Being Stubborn

  1. Stubborn people are decisive

    They know what they want, and they know that to reach it, they must take action. This requires making decisions, and following through.

    That’s not to say they rush into decisions however. They are often executing a plan, which provides them with clarity; this is is what enables them to make decisions with relative ease, as their path is clear.

  2. Stubborn people are determined

    They work through obstacles and opposition, and are expert problem solvers. They are not afraid of the prospect of navigating hurdles, and commit themselves wholeheartedly to an idea or action.  

    There is often a ‘never say quit’ attitude, and a proactive, optimistic belief that there is almost always a solution to be found. This approach can transform seemingly impossible situations.

    This determination means that stubborn people often forge their own paths as they follow their heart. The path of the heart tends to be fuelled by intuition, and can seem unconventional and irrational to others. A resolute approach allows some detachment from outside influences, creating space for stubborn people to find their way.

  3. Stubborn people are passionate

    They will defend what they believe in, and fight for it until the end, even if things don’t work out. Stubborn people have faith that their ideas are valid and that their voices are worth hearing. 

    Being stubborn does not always mean you are close-minded. I know plenty of stubborn people who open their ears to other perspectives; they just may choose to not be swayed due to their own values, opinions or upbringings.

    Whatever the case may be, stubborn people have a mind of their own, which can be a valuable quality in life.This self-belief can rub off on other people too, letting them know that they too can fight for the things they’re passionate about; that everyone has a right to be heard. 

  4. Stubborn people have clear boundaries

    And they’re good at maintaining them; they won’t compromise themselves by doing something that makes them uncomfortable, or goes against their values.

    They also know what they do and don’t want. They’re not easily swayed by opinion, and they’ll rarely compromise themselves simply to ‘people please’.

    This doesn’t mean that to be stubborn is to be self-centred however. It is simply to stick to your values and pursue the things that are most important to you. Stubbornness can also help with self-preservation, enabling people to prioritise themselves and determinedly move through rough patches.

Sonia Sotomayor quote | Joanne Becker | Be Stubborn | Coaching | small business, creative coaching, resources, content creator


I first realised that I was a bit stubborn when I went travelling in spite of the progression of my Muscular Dystrophy. 

I'd always loved travelling, and long wanted to go to Sri Lanka, but by mid-2017 my legs had weakened to the point that I needed to use a walking stick. My instinct, and that of many people, was that this development in my life should limit my travelling ability. Realistically it will to a certain extent, but I am determined to try to control how much and how soon.

And so, in the months following the adoption of a cane, I fulfilled my long-help dreams of to Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia and Indonesia. I couldn't do everything I wanted to on my travels, and I had to go slowly and rest more, but I could do enough.

Through this I realised that when it comes to pursuing the things I love, I am a bit stubborn. I wasn’t about to let a health condition stop me from trying... even if I was a rare sight as a solo white woman boarding a public bus with a tiny backpack and a walking stick!

Being stubborn means that I focus on finding solutions, and overcoming problems. When travelling this has been as simple as getting more taxis and tuktuks instead of hiking around a place. And it also includes making sensible decisions even when they’re difficult, to protect my physical and mental health. 

Finally, being stubborn leads me to try not to focus on the negatives (although we all have our moments). Even when I fall or I am struggling to walk, even knowing that more difficulties and limitations lie ahead of me, I seek the small joys within each day, from a delicious coffee to a text from a good friend. I am stubbornly determined to be happy, whatever it takes. 

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The benefits of being stubborn | Joanne Becker | Be Stubborn | Coaching | small business, creative coaching, resources, content creator