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I love reading. Before I could even actually read, my Mum would find me with my head in my older sister's books "looking for my 'J'".

As I got older, I'd always have my head in a book - whilst eating, in the car, even whilst watching TV. And nowadays, my Kindle is my greatest friend (I get emotionally attached and like to keep every book I read, and often re-read them, so I simply can't store anymore paper books. Also when you commute on the London Underground you really grow to love Kindles).

The thing is, I get so much enjoyment from reading, that I cannot bear it when a book becomes even slightly educational. I don't mind it at all in newspapers or in blogs or articles. But non-fictions books... they take some of the joy and escapism out of reading for me. I love a book to be gripping, to be high quality, well written and nuanced. But I am somewhat ashamed that I can't really get into the classics. And non-fiction.... well that has been a battle.

Head stuck in a book, oblivious to everything. My sisters would offer to give me £10 if I looked up, I never even heard them.  

Head stuck in a book, oblivious to everything. My sisters would offer to give me £10 if I looked up, I never even heard them.  

                        90's = Forever Friends bedding

                        90's = Forever Friends bedding


For a couple of years now, I have read the blurbs of many non-fiction books with interest, and even downloaded a few. I've made promised to myself to read one non-fiction book for every two 'fun' fiction books. But when I come to read them, I just get a bit bored.

Imagine being a movie-lover, but when you go to the cinema next, they show the news or a documentary. Nothing wrong with either, but they just don't really work for you in the cinema, where you expect to be entertained and delighted. That's how I feel when I read non-fiction.

But... I think I may have found a solution. AUDIOBOOKS. Loathed as I am to read non-fiction, I love to listen to it! On a long journey, whilst doing my chores or running errands, my brain craves engagement and soaks up everything I listen to. So all of a sudden that list of educational books that has been growing year on year, I am working through it and loving every moment of it. And I am delighted to save actually reading books for my downtime, for relaxation and joy.


We all know about learning styles - personally I like to make notes, and learn through writing things down. But I hadn't really thought about the different ways we may prefer to consume different types of content before.

Have you found that you need to keep 'fun' and 'educational' content styles separate? Any tips on how to be a better grown-up and embrace non-fiction books?! Or should I just be grateful that I have figured out a solution?


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