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‘BE ACTIVE’ when pursuing what matters to you


Why DO WE NEED TO be active in LIFE & work?

One could argue that it is easy to have a dream, passion or idea. The difficult part is often translating that into something tangible, and putting it out into the world.

The reasons for this are many, and varied, but they can often be boiled down to fear; fear of failure, or fear of success; fear of judgement, of the work required, of financial struggles; and fear of drawing attention to ourselves and our work

Fear can be so strong that we never even start. It can make us procrastinate, or fear can persuade us give up when we’re part way through. Ultimately, fear can hold us back, and lead us to look back with regret, feeling like we didn’t try wholeheartedly. Fear will never completely go away - afterall, it’s a biological response to stress. Fear kept us safe when we were cavemen & women - it just hasn’t evolved to fit the modern day!

BUT… we can quieten fear through action. We can remember that if we change our perspective, that on the other side of fear is glorious hope and possibility.

By doing the work, simply trying, we can prove fear wrong. Be Active - both the idea, and the course - can help with this. 

what does it mean to be active in our work?

‘Be Active’ is a whisper, a nudge; reminding us to take action to create (and live) the life we want. It prompts us to work on the things that matter, developing a business for our future selves as well as for our present selves.

‘Active’ is about being intentional, proactive and authentic, so that we can go to bed every night feeling fulfilled. It is a gentle way of avoiding excuses, preventing us from automatically choosing the easiest road.

The course, and Be Stubborn as a whole, embodies this spirit. It’s about choosing the path you want to take, doing the work and taking action, but in a very intentional and heartfelt way.

BE STUBBORN in the pursuit of your values and dreams, 

+ BE PURPOSEFUL, move with determination & resolve towards your intention,

+ BE ACTIVE, engaging in the work required to deliver results.

How to be active IN YOUR WORK

To 'Be Active' is to be engaged in action: it is the exertion of energy in order to achieve something rather than simply hoping for it, or achieving it in an indirect way. When we are active, we are doing rather than remaining in contemplation and speculation; we are producing a change or effect. 

If you’re ready to make an idea real, Be Active may be a concept or course that can help you.

You don’t need to face the fear on your own, or battle alone to persist and persevere. Be Active is here to support you to do The Thing, move the needle, push through the fear. It will take determination, courage and tenacity, but think of what could lie on the other side of this work! Is it worth a try?

Available now, Be Active is a self-led course, combining coaching with practical guidance, supporting you to:

  • take an idea, and make it real;

  • establish strong foundations for your work, knowing what you’re willing to be stubborn about; and,

  • work steadily and purposefully, combining intention & determination to deliver results on your own terms.

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