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Just a quick word of encouragement today, about writing and creating content.

I don't know about you, but following a bit of a brain-dump, I have a whole list of ideas of things I'd like to write about a share. And everyday a new idea pops into my head, and the list keeps on growing. It's great, and exciting, but that ever-growing list is a bit overwhelming. Not to diminish it, but I kind of feel like I understand writers block in a very small way! Sometimes I find it hard to translate these ideas into actual, valuable content. 

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I've been writing in some form or another for most of my adult life, producing content for blogs, mailings, businesses, and within my marketing career. Once I have the idea and a few notes, I can often bash something out, then refine it over the next few days until it is something I am happy with. But the hardest thing? Starting. Even when I have the idea. Even when I have notes. Even when I know what I want to say. I just wish someone could poke a magic wand into my brain and extract the words in one easy swoosh.

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Unfortunately, life is not like Harry Potter, and we just have to do the work. So here's my thee-step tactic, which seems to work:

  1. Aim to write one thing per day. Even if it's only an Instagram caption. I'll feel like I've accomplished something awesome if I just write one thing per day.

  2. Write that thing first. 'Eat The Frog'. Then not only is it over and done with (because often the more I think about it, the more mammoth a task it seems to be), but I get to have that awesome feeling all day! Very motivating.

  3. FORCE YOURSELF TO SIT DOWN AND WRITE! Open up a document with your 'idea' or title ready to go, and just start typing or scribbling. You'll be amazed at how the words start to flow when you just make a start.


And my top tip? Keep it informal, rather than creating the perfect first draft.

I manage my editorial calendar in Asana (and I'll share more about that one day); I have a list of ideas / titles as individual tasks, and I just open one up in the morning and start typing. For some reason, writing it as a 'comment' in my task rather than in Squarespace, feels less pressured. This feels like a scribbly, easy draft, and as such I can just let the words flow before refining and setting it up for the website.

Obviously I try not to beat myself up on the days where I don't accomplish this. And some days I am in the zone and bash out two or three or more pieces of content. And sometimes, the blog post or resource or mailing I am writing requires a lot more consideration, time and work. But mostly... overall... I am doing the work. Let's get this done!

What works for you? How do you avoid content overwhelm?


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