Jo Becker



Marketing doesn't have be about 'quick wins' or making cold, hard sales. At its heart, it is a way of communicating and having a conversation with your audience. It is a way of sharing what you have or what you know with those who could benefit from it, allowing you to be of service.

But, as well as practically needing to make sales in order to stay in business, marketing helps people to find the product or service that they’re looking for, and access the value that business owners provide. Therefore, marketing is a service itself.

Small business marketing

Small business marketing

I transferred my ‘corporate’ marketing skills to my first small business in 2015 - an events and experiential marketing agency - promoting our services and pop-up bars to businesses and the general public.

I found that the best thing about marketing your own business is that you’re doing so from a place of passion, and so even if you have little to no budget, it feels fun and authentic. But it definitely helped that I came from a marketing background, and knew how to communicate with the audience.

Now I coach owners of small businesses to promote their work, and the value they have to offer. I can help you to learn more about marketing, but I’ll always support you to do what feels right for you, your audience and your business, rather than getting swept up in “shoulds” and heavily promoted “quick wins”.

Corporate marketing

Corporate marketing

I have worked for (and with) a wide range of high profile organisations in the public and private sector, managing multi-million pound campaigns and portfolios as well as diverse project teams and multiple stakeholders. I specialise in integrating activity across an organisation to improve effectiveness.

As a consultant, I develop marketing and communication strategies for a range of clients, bringing a keen focus to the customer experience and audience needs.

Experienced in all elements of through-the-line marketing communications activities: strategic development, briefing and managing creative and media agencies, stakeholder engagement, delivering campaigns to time and to budget, and monitoring the effectiveness of activities against pre-agreed KPIs. View LinkedIn for my most recent contracts.