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Free resources to help you move forward with a little more stubbornness, pursuing the things that are most important to you.


Especially for you...

There is a saying that I wholeheartedly agree with: give it away for free.

Obviously that can't apply to everything(!), but where possible I want to share the things I have learned with those who might benefit.

So, I have created a suite of free resources filled with insights, information, exercises, tools and techniques, to help you to feel clear about your intentions, persist when faced with obstacles, and pursue what is important you.

AND, when you sign up to receive these freebies, you’ll also gain access to the members area of Be Stubborn. As well as acting as a home for all resources (current, archived, those yet to be developed…), the members area also contains exclusive access to coaching sessions, discounts and new products.

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How could these resources help you?

These resources have been designed to guide people who have or want their own business, through the journey of creation, development and growth. They’re particularly useful for people who have a small or non-existent audience. They’re designed to help you start from scratch, in both practical and emotional terms. 

You can find more detail on each freebie below, or just fill in your email address and I’ll send them right over!


Learn about the power of being stubborn and enabling yourself to pursue the things you want in life and work.

A compilation of the most popular and insightful letters shared with subscribers to date, about being stubborn in life and business. I hope that “Begin” inspires, motivates and provides useful tools.

At 31 pages long this is essentially a short e-book, delivered to you in PDF form. The fortnightly letters which form the basis of this e-book are honest, personal and thought-provoking.

Click the image to expand and view the contents of Begin.

Be Stubborn

Find your stubborn streak, learn how to use it as a tool, and apply it to the important things.

This booklet will introduce you to the concept and benefits of being stubborn about the things that matter most to you. It also acknowledges the risks involved with stubbornness, highlighting that there will be times when flexibility and compromise should be embraced.

It ends with some notes about journalling, and I encourage you to take the questions and prompts from the final pages and consider what it truly important to you, what is worth being stubborn about, and how might you pursue that.

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Be Purposeful

Clear Intentions + Determination = Purposeful

‘Purpose’ and goals are all well and good, but nothing happens if you don’t do the work to make a change, or have an impact. And to have ‘one purpose’ can be a bit limiting.

As such, it’s arguably more important to Be Purposeful in life and work, no matter the goal.

This workbook provides guidance and exercises to help you be more purposeful, so that you can sustainably work towards something that fulfils and delights you. It will help you to stay focused, and maintain belief in your self and your work.

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Fortnightly letters

As well as the resources, you’ll also receive the fortnightly Stubbornly Pursuing Happiness letter, delivered straight to your inbox. It’s a safe space where we can be totally honest, sharing a bit more about what it is like to try to create work and a life that you love.

You can learn more about these letters and preview a couple here.

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