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Disability & Inclusion


That’s a huge proportion of the population, who as well as being under-served and under-represented, are a source of untapped economic potential and power. The Government has committed to getting one million disabled people into work by 2027. But frankly, this requires major attitudinal shifts and improvements to all areas of accessibility and inclusion.

From homes to shops and public buildings, workplaces to transport networks, our environment has not been designed to suits the needs of everybody. Nor has the standard working day. Instead, there is an inference that disabled people are not suited to the world. It doesn’t have to be this way.

As well as having professional experience and academic expertise, I use my lived experience of disability to enable everybody to pursue the life and work they want.

Consulting & Advisory Service

Consulting & Advisory Service

Society needs to work harder to support the needs of disabled people, and in doing so, it will reap rewards. I support workplaces and individuals to enable every body to access the work and life they want.

CASE STUDY - Independent Disability Advisor at Transport for London:
Supporting the organisation in their efforts to improve the accessibility and inclusivity of London's transport network.

* Providing strategic and practical advice

* Evaluating and influencing TfL's strategies, policies, services and projects

* Highlighting where change is needed, and ensuring that TfL continue to consider accessibility and inclusivity in their work.



STUDYING - MA Disability Studies at the University of Leeds:
Assessing disability as an equal opportunities issue. Applying the social model of disability, which recognises disability as a form of institutional discrimination and social exclusion, rather than a product of physical difference between individuals.

Includes analysis of social policy for disabled people in education, benefits, housing, transport, employment, health and social support services, as well as recent developments in social research on disability.

Lived experience

Lived experience

Following a diagnosis of Muscular Dystrophy in my late twenties, I defied expectations by travelling to India and beyond with just my walking stick for company, seizing the opportunity to travel independently while strong enough.

My mobility has been significantly reduced, and I rely on a walking stick and orthotics on a daily basis. In time, I will need a wheelchair and significant support. While my marketing career taught me to consider the needs of all audiences, my personal experience has starkly highlighted the issues disabled people face in all areas of society, every day.