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'Be Active' Course

A seven-part course combining coaching and practice guidance to support business owners or those with a dream to make real progress in turning an idea into reality.


BE ACTIVE condenses the best of coaching for small business owners into an affordable self-led course, making it possible for more people to stubbornly pursue what matters most to them. By the end of the seven-part course, you will feel happy and confident in your work, and will have made real progress in turning an idea into reality. £36 only for email subscribers.

To "Be Active" is to be engaged in action; it is the exertion of energy in order to achieve something. When we are active, we are doing rather than remaining in contemplation and speculation; we are producing a change or effect.

This self-led course combines coaching with practical guidance, supporting you to:

  • take an idea, and make it real;

  • establish strong foundations for your work, knowing what you’re willing to be stubborn about; and,

  • work steadily and purposefully, combining intention & determination to deliver results on your own terms.

BE ACTIVE condenses the best of coaching for small business owners into an affordable self-led course,
making it possible for more people to stubbornly pursue what matters most to them.

By the end of the seven-part course, you will feel happy and confident in your work,
and have made real progress in turning an idea into reality.

‘Active’ is a powerful word.

It can act as a whisper, a nudge, reminding us to take action to create and live the life we want. It prompts us each work on the things that matter to us, and develop our business for our future selves as well as for our present selves. ‘Active’ is about being intentional, proactive and true to ourselves, so that we can go to bed every night feeling fulfilled, and happy that we have tried our best. It is a gentle way of not allowing ourselves to make excuses or choose the easiest road.

The course embodies this spirit. If you choose to take part, you will need to do the work, and you will need to take action. But you’ll be doing so in a very intentional, heartfelt way. You will be doing this for YOURSELF.


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Q. Why is it important to be active?

A. Put simply, to manage fear. 

One could argue that it is easy to have a dream, passion, idea or purpose. The difficult part is often putting it out into the world - putting ourselves out there. The reasons for this are many, and varied, but often they can be boiled down to fear: of failure, of success, of judgement, of the work required, of financial struggles, of drawing attention to ourselves and our work.

Fear can be strong enough that we never start. It can make us procrastinate. It can persuade us give up when we’re part way through. Ultimately, it can hold us back, and lead to us - one day - looking back with regret that we didn’t try wholeheartedly. As the saying goes: it is better to regret what you did, that what you didn’t do. And to reach that point, we often must push past fear and simply give it a go; we must be stubborn and try

And while fear will never completely go away (it’s a biological response to stress after-all, designed to keep us safe as cavemen & women, that hasn’t evolved to fit the modern day!), we can quieten it through action. We can acknowledge our fears, but decide to try and do the scary thing anyway.

You don’t need to face the fear on your own, or battle alone to persist and persevere. 
Be Active is here to support you to do The Thing, move the needle, push through the fear. 
It will take determination, courage and tenacity, but think of what could lie on the other side of this work! 

Is it worth a try?


Who is the course for?

Anyone! But you probably have a small business, dreams of a business, or ideas for a side-project.

You might have tons of experience in creating something, or none at all. Either way, you feel like you need a nudge, and a blend of support and practical advice to make something a reality.

You’re ready to develop some new tools and techniques, to help you to:

  • work on your idea intentionally;

  • stubbornly persist, pushing through when you might have otherwise given up;

  • pace yourself, developing a realistic plan that allows you to deliver in a way that makes you feel good, and;

  • be brave enough to put your amazing ‘thing’ out into the world, marketing it in a heartfelt and genuine way.


What will you get out of the course?

By the end of this course you will have moved from idea to reality, with a new business, product / service or project up and running. You’ll have learned some new tips and tricks along the way, and you’ll feel very sure of what you value, the work you do, why you do it… and how all of that fits together. And I sincerely hope that you will have reflected on how best you work, and adapted everything you have learned (in this course and in other areas of life / work) to be suit YOU. You will feel confident about your own skills and abilities, and know that it’s okay to do things your way.

And that’s what makes this course different. While it is open to many, I hope that it will feel tailored to each individual. I very much believe that there is no should, and no one-size-fits-all when it comes to our work. What is successful for one, might not work for another; success depends on a specific combination of personality type and technique, so we each needs to figure out what works exclusively for us.

Everything this course teaches encourages you to consider many approaches, but come back to what works for you, what makes you feel comfortable, and what is most likely to be sustainably successful.


What is the course NOT about?

And with that (above) in mind, this course is:

  • NOT a set of rules that guarantee £££££££££, but insights and support that will bring you a slower, steadier and more sustainable sense of success. A success that is personal and unique to you.

  • NOT about the “hustle”. You can pace this as you like; I’d recommend completing one section per week to ensure you have adequate time and breathing space, without losing momentum. But life happens, or you may be feeling extra energetic at the moment, so slow down or speed up as you like.

  • NOT about playing the game. There are no tricks to beat the algorithm or increase your web traffic overnight. Instead we will be heartfelt and (*cringe at it’s overuse*) authentic. We will figure out what works for us, and stick at it. We will stay in our own lane. Because if we rush or try to play the system, we can end up overwhelmed, overworked, and find ourselves straying away from what we love about our work, as the business overtakes us and we lose all intentionality (as happened with my first business - not fun!).


What do you need to bring to the table?

An open mind, and a commitment to YOURSELF. This course is designed to help you to deliver something, to move the needle, but without losing yourself. You need to be prepared to be stubborn about your work, and stubborn about your own happiness.

That might mean having to let go of some ideas, and embracing new sides of yourself. Just do your best, and see what happens!


Further details:

  • The course is self-led, with the option to add on a discounted coaching session (£50 for 60 mins) half way through.

  • The course is delivered via:

    • seven pdf workbooks, combining reading materials and exercises.

    • An accompanying audio file for each section of the course.

  • You can start the course at any time, and you can choose a pace to suit yourself. I recommend completing one to two modules per week, to maintain momentum while giving yourself adequate time to reflect and revise. 

  • The course is hosted directly on, and you’ll be able to access the materials (including any potential future updates) forever.

  • My inbox is always open so if you have any questions now or throughout the course, please do get in touch.

Copy of Be Active is a self-led course combining coaching with practical guidance, supporting you to take an idea, and make it real.

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