Jo Becker



I coach people to create, develop and grow their own businesses, enabling them to pursue the work and life that they really want. Specifically, I support creative business owners to stubbornly keep going, a critical mindset required to overcome inevitable obstacles and push through challenges.

With a background in marketing and running my own businesses, I combine practical knowledge and experience with optimism and a determined streak. We can work together to make sure that you feel clear about your intentions, and persistently move you towards your goals. 

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Let's work together

Let's work together

I offer two styles of coaching packages, from a one-off session, to support over a period of weeks or months. But I also know that every client has different coaching requirements, and I tailor all sessions to the individual.

A solo session is a great opportunity for you to get some specific support, or take stock of things before making a plan to elevate your business.

If you really want to make a difference, you need to put in the time. I offer packages of 8 or 12 coaching sessions, for when you’re able to commit to sustainably working on a business that will deliver the work and life you love.

Solo Session

Solo Session

A one-off opportunity for us to:

* audit your business (or business ideas and plans if it’s still in development) and discuss challenges and opportunities for growth;

* troubleshoot specific issues and concerns you have.

You’ll complete a questionnaire and outline your needs, so that I can review your work in full. I’ll identify areas of strength, and opportunities for development. We’ll then have a 90 minute Skype call to work through everything, developing a plan for you to implement over the next few months.

Investment in yourself: £150

Coaching Series

Coaching Series

Make real change and stubbornly work towards (and reach!) the things you value. This might include:

* Defining and / or developing a new business, or scaling up an existing business or side-project.

* Steadily working towards your goal, embracing the mindset that incremental gains lead to the most sustainable and long-term success.

* Building up your strength and resilience, developing methods to persevere, actively problem solving and developing a solutions-focused mindset.

* Figuring out how to best communicate and share your work, reaching more people and making an impact.

Investment in yourself:
* £95 / session ‘pay as you go’
* £80 / session when you buy in bulk
(5+ sessions)